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Retail Kitting, Boxing, Bagging and Assembly Services

Need Your Order Put Together?

Merchandising Inventives, Inc. offers a wide variety of time-saving and job improvement options for our customers. Not every job is the same and we treat each one as a unique opportunity to give you the flexibility in product presentation for your merchandising needs.

  • We offer a variety of professional and helpful services including;
  • Merchandising Kitting Services
  • Merchandising Bagging Services
  • Merchandising Assembly Services
  • Merchandising Boxing Services

For more information about our products or services, please see below. Or contact one of our sales representatives at 1-800-367-5653

Merchandising Kitting Services
Do you have a job that requires multiple parts for a presentation or product roll-out? Then ask us about out Merchandising Kitting Services. We can take your project and break it into smaller, more manageable pieces and kits that will allow your customers to assemble their display or project with the correct amount of parts per job, increasing the speed and accuracy of assembly.

Merchandising Bagging Services
Not every job can be supplied in a bulk box of parts, and that's where Merchandising Inventives, Inc. Merchandising Bagging Services can be a great asset to your organization. Do you need your products in a specific quantity per bag? Let us know and we'll do all the hard sorting work for you! Your order can arrive with all of your parts in clear plastic bags ready to be used!

Merchandising Assembly Services
Many of the great merchandising products we carry require assembly before use. If time is a factor for you, let Merchandising Inventives, Inc. be your solution in Merchandising Assembly Services. Our staff of professionals can have your product assembled for your presentation or product roll-out. When used in conjunction with our kitting and bagging services, you can save both time and money by having your products sent to you the way you need them, not just the way they can be supplied!

Merchandising Boxing Services
Do you have a custom or standard product that you need to have a custom container for shipping or display box assembled for? Then your best choice is to utilize MII's Merchandising Boxing Services. We can have any custom corrugated merchandising shipping or display container assembled on time and on budget. Let us know what you need boxed and we'll take care of it for you. This is an ideal addition to our other services such as bagging and kitting to give a final, finished kit to your sales representatives.

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