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Custom Corrugated Displays

Do you have a design idea for your product that requires custom corrugated displays? If so, Merchandising Inventives, inc. can help you with all the necessary steps including the artwork!

There are different ways to print on corrugation, including Direct Printing, Lithographic Labels or Flood Coating. The actual choice of method is dependent on a few factors, including Print Quality, Quantity as well as Price and/or Budget. The issue of quantity is based largely on economics and viability but will also help you determine what is the most realistic to produce.

Direct Printing:

  • Direct printing is when ink is applied directly to the corrugated stock. The four-color printing method requires a separate printing plate for each color that is printed.
  • This method works best for simple logos and images.
  • When Used? When the graphic being printed is flat and does not include detailed art (similar to a child's coloring book).
Lithographic Labels:
  • Lithographic Laminating involves the gluing of a printed sheet to the corrugated stock before it has been die cut. This printing method delivers a high quality look to your display by removing the corrugated texture from the graphics. It preserves the image quality for complex logos, illustrations, and photographed images.
  • This printing method avoids plate costs and is the least expensive option.
  • When Used? When the graphic includes detailed artwork and/or is of photographic quality.
Flood Coating:
  • Flood Coating is when corrugated stock is completely covered with one solid color a “flood” of printing.
  • This method is the most cost effective as it requires no printing plates.
  • When Used? When full coverage of a single color is desired on the entire corrugated stock or base.

Custom Corrugated Displays
Merchandising Inventives, Inc. is a bulk supplier of these fine products and minimum quantities apply for your purchase. Please contact a sales representative today at 1-800-367-5653 and ask for more information about Merchandising Inventives, Inc. and how we can help you.