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Mini-Triarama Ceiling Mobile Kits

After the success of the Triarama, the Mini-Triarama was designed as a solution for a smaller, 3-sided display. Each Mini-Triarama Mobile System has the same unique features the Triarama has but on a smaller scale.

The Mini-Triarama is an ideal place to begin your point-of-purchase displays,
which supports three panels from 10"w to 24"w and comes as a complete kit with both the Mini-Twist On and Hook and Cord for ease of installation.

Merchandising Inventives is a bulk supplier of these products and minimum quantities apply. Please contact a sales representative at (800)367-5653.

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8600M-7006W Mini-Triarama 3 Sided suspended Ceiling Display 3 Sided Ceiling Mobile Display Mini Triarama

8600M-7006W Mini-Triarama 3-Sided suspended Ceiling Display

Our Price: $1.13 Each