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MII Domestic and International facilities

Merchandising Inventives, Inc. utilizes "just in time" shipping processes so from time to time due to their popularity, our product stock may be too low at the moment to cover a particular order and we will have to replenish. At this point our customer service personnel will inform you of the situation and recommend one of our other product options that will work to fit your needs and budget.

If time is not a factor, please inform your support specialist that this is the case and we may be able to supply you with a lower-costing imported piece. We believe in offering all options available for every budget and time frame.

*Minimums apply to all custom orders

As in any supply-driven industry, we additionally have facilities overseas to supply the demands of our customers. We try to avoid this however due to a minimum order receipt period of 6 weeks from order placement till product arrival. Not every client has a 45 day window of opportunity.

  • China
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Taiwan