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Minimum Quantity Requirements

Please Read Carefully: Merchandising Inventives, Inc. accepts orders of any quantity for all of our standard merchandising display products with a caveat on some products that come with specified minimum order quantities when purchased online. Please refer to the products information page for each item to see if your product has any designated "minimum online order quantity".

A $10 "case break" charge is applied to domestic orders less than $100.00 International orders for small purchases will have an additional $25 charge. Multiple item small purchases have the potential for multiple "case break" fees. Minimum orders must be prepaid, C.O.D., or paid by credit card, unless net 30-day payment terms are already established. Returns on orders under $100 are not accepted.

Orders usually ship within 24 hour if the product is an in stock item or the itme will ship the next business day. Orders received after 12:00PM CST will be shipped the morning of the following business day. Call our Customer Service Department at 800.367.5653 if you need to have your order ship the same day or to have the earliest shipment date setup.

Merchandising Inventives, Inc. has another option for small purchases online called which has our best selling products in minimal quantities with NO case break fees.

Minimum and Small Orders
Merchandising Inventives, Inc. accepts any size order for all products, granted you purchase the minimum order quantity amounting to $25.00 per specified item. A case break fee will be applied to all products that are not purchased in full case lots. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on orders under $100.00.

Made to Order
Many MII products are available for order in stock styles and some are made to order. These made to order items are subject to a minimum order requirement and will take 3-5 business day before they ship. Please call our customer service department if you have custom requirements.