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Gripple Cable Hanging System

The GRIPPLE® Cable System is designed for a wide range of applications including hanging retail signage and displays from a range of ceiling types. The Gripple® signage connector easily feeds the 1/16" diameter cable through one direction and stops it from going in the opposite direction which makes adjusting the height of your signage and displays quick and easy for each application.

The Gripple's® cables come in 5', 10', and 15' foot lengths and are ideal for hanging larger signage from I-beams and ceiling structures. The Gripple® and cable with one looped end makes it fast and easy to hang signage without needing to cut the cable to length.

Merchandising Inventives, Inc. is a US Distributor of these fine products and minimum quantities apply for your purchase. Please contact a sales representative today at 1-800-367-5653 and ask for more information about Merchandising Inventives, Inc. and how we can help you.

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CBL2500L1-G - XP1 - Gripple® Cable System - 5 ft length CBL2100L1-G - XP1 - Gripple® Cable System - 10 ft length CBL2150L1-G - XP1 - Gripple® Cable System - 15 ft length
CBL2500L1-G 5 ft length - XP1 - Gripple® Cable System - 1/16" Dia.
CBL2100L1-G 10 ft length - XP1 - Gripple® Cable System - 1/16" Dia.
CBL2150L1-G 15 ft length - XP1 - Gripple® Cable System - 1/16" Dia.