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Shipping via Freight

All orders from Merchandising Inventives, Inc. are shipped F.O.B. M.I.I. facilities unless otherwise stated. All freight charges will be added to the customers invoice. Most available items can be shipped the same day the order is placed prior to 12:00PM CST. Merchandising Inventives, Inc. will not be held responsible for any delivery delays due to causes beyond our control, once an order has left our plant.

MII has several relationships with different freight carriers that we use regularly. However, if you wish to utilize a carrier of your selection, please inform the sales staff at the time of your product purchases as to your selection and be sure to provide us with the full contact information. If you prefer to set the pick-up and drop-ff/delivery yourself, simply give us a call at 1-800-367-5653 to set up a time with our shipping and receiving dock.

Shipping items to multiple locations via freight or common carrier carries additional fees as well, please contact your sales representative for more information.

All orders should be inspected upon arrival, for any damage or shortages. In all cases, the purchaser assumes all risk of loss or damage to the products in transit, and will be responsible for filing any claims with the carrier. In the event that there is any damage to the shipment, please notify the carrier immediately, and mark the bill of lading "Damaged."

Orders Shipped by Freight
Some items in bulk quantities may be to large to be shipped by a parcel carrier such as UPS. These items will need to be shipped via Freight carriers and additional charges will be applied to orders accordingly. You will be notified if your order does not meet the requirements for standard shipment by one of our customer service agents. All necessary charges will be applied to your order after the shipment has been picked up. Please keep in mind when ordering in bulk quantities the method of how you will be receiving your order.

The freight rates vary week to week depending on fuel cost.

The policy when we ship via common carrier we call for the freight charges after the product was picked up. This ensures that the cost for the shipment is correct and we bill the next day. All orders that need freight shipment will be notified before we ship the order.

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