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Battery-Powered Display Motors

Add Motion to your floor or ceiling display with one of our Battery Powered Display Motors which are available in both single, and double battery capacities. The 2-Battery Display Motors work with our Triarama family of Triarama, Mini-Triarama's, and Quadrama's while the single battery version works with our Megarama family.

Both Display Motors are designed to work with 1-3/4" O.D. litho Poles while the single battery version can also be suspended from the ceiling for a hanging display option. The 2-Battery Display rotates at 4 R.P.M. while the single battery version only spins at 2 R.P.M.

Merchandising Inventives is a bulk supplier of these fine products and minimum quantities apply for your purchase. Please contact a sales representative today at 1-800-367-5653 and ask for more information about Merchandising Inventives, Inc. and how we can help you.

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